• Support to Students and Institute

a)      Arranging for Industrial visit/training of students.

b)      Assisting in Placements.

c)      Providing information on latest happenings e.g. exhibitions, products, seminars, etc.

d)     Arranging guest lecturers in the college.

e)      Management training for faculty and the management, if required.

f)       Arranging training program, career consultations (Higher studies, developing communication and interpersonal skills of students for interviews).

  • Link between Industry and Institute

a)      To find sponsors for graduation / higher education / training from the industries.

b)      Arranging new & second hand equipments from the industries, quality spare parts for the equipments, arranging raw material for the up-gradation of the Institute labs.

c)      To protect and promote the Institute to industrial houses and creating a brand image

d)     Arranging representations in trade fairs from the Institute.


  • Networking Amongst Alumni

a)       Create database of graduated students & create a networking website of the Alumni association.

b)       Publish regular bulletins on Alumni activities and achievements by alumni members.

c)       To arrange get-togethers at various locations in order to promote active interaction between the members.

d)       To setup interactive chapters at viable locations.

e)       To interact and motivate members to associate and contribute for the alumni. To propagate the feeling of belongingness to the community.

f)        Orientation of incoming alumni members.


Ideas, suggestions towards the above objectives can be sent to: alumni.rama@gmail.com